Two kids and two month’s later

Two month’s into what can only be described as a  fuzzy haze of madness. Sleep deprivation has taken hold and a distinct wail of a crying baby constantly rings in my ear, although the little lady is fast a sleep. Am I going mad or is this what life with a newborn is like? I’d forgotten how relentless it can be.

Camden my eldest starting school and having a baby within 48 hours was certainly an emotional time for the whole family. We’ve ploughed through, survived half term and seeing Una smile for the first time has made it all worth it. Camden has finally turned a corner and is managing his emotions…. I wish I could say the same about me.

I’m covered in baby sick most days, stink of piss (pelvic floor has gone to pot), have about 20kgs to shift, lactating gorilla boobs ready to squirt someone in the face, am physically and mentally drained but who cares? The show must go on….

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